Return back in time to ancient Rome

Experience the reconstructed Roman city quarter, the The Civilian City’s Amphitheater and the museum Carnuntinum.

In the quarter of Carnuntum is reconstructed four buildings where you can see how they really looked both inside and outside and also how people lived at that time.

The Civilian City’s Amphitheater can be visited all year round free of charge.

The Museum Carnuntinum building was built in the architectural style of a Roman villa. There are shown valuable objects from over 400 years of Romans in the Carnuntum area.

In the restaurant of Forum Culinarium you can enjoy ancient Roman and Austrian culines.

You can participate on a guided tour in German language but there is also a possibility in English and Slovakian. Please book at least one week earlier – contact beforehand Mo – Fr 9 a.m – 2 p.m by phone +43(0)2163 33 770 or email: [email protected]

Open 2023:

  • 18.3 – 19.11.2022 9 a.m – 5 p.m

Prices 2023:

  • Adults 13,00€
  • 15 – 18y, seniors, disabled persons 11,00€
  • Children 11-14y 6,00€
  • Children under 11y with adult person free entry


  • Dogs allowed on a leash in the city quarter and The Civilian City’s Amphitheater but not in the Museum Carnuntinum
  • Free parking
  • Several festivals according the theme are arranged on the area
  • Make sure you have enough time (4-5h) to visit the whole area
  • Website:
Carnuntum and the Caesar's army. The exhibition at the Archaeological Museum Carnuntinum outlines the Roman army’s impact on settlements, economy and social life in Carnuntum.

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