The highest wooden panoramic tower in the world

Pyramidenkogel is located near Wörthersee – lake at Keutschach village. It is the highest wooden panoramic tower in the world with total height of 100m.

The highest observation deck is at 83m and the other one at 70m and the landscape from up is amazing. On the ground level you will find a restaurant and also an ice cream kiosk.

Pyramidenkogel is open the whole year according the schedule down under. The last lift will raise up half an hour before the closing time.

  • March – April at 10-18
  • May at 9-19
  • June at 9-20
  • July – August at 9-21
  • September at 9-19
  • October at 10-18
  • November – February at 10-17


  • Adults 14,00€
  • Children 16-17 years 10,00€
  • Children 6-15 years 6,50€
  • Children under 5 free
  • Family ticket 2 adults + child 6-15y all together 31,00€
  • Family ticket 2 adults + 2 children 6-15y all together 33,00€
  • Family ticket 2 adults + 3 or more children 6-15y all together 35,00e

You will also find here the highest decked slide in Europe. It is 120m long and the speed will raise up to 25km/h. The cots is 4€/ one slide or 20€ / 5x + 2x free. No slide possibility on rain or damp weather.

From May until middle of September you can make a free fall from 100m to 30m and also slide down 100m trip with an aerial railway.

Both costs 15€ / go and you these can be done every day between 10-18.

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