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The Kärntentherme Spa that is located in Villach, it offers fun, fitness and spa services – a place for the whole family. The spa is very clean and the staff is super friendly. The type of the water is calcium – magnesium bicarbonate and it comes from six springs out of the earth’s heart. Even in the winter the outdoor temperature is +34.

Very near you will also find a natural pool “Maibachl” and every now and then it fills up with + 28 degrees. Even though it is called “The May stream” you can bath there despite of the season – pool fills up after lot of rain or snow.


  • There are two tube slides (86m and 75m) and you can choose the lighting in the tube while sliding
  • Crazy river – you can try the tube rafting
  • Temperature in the pools is between + 32 -34
  • A lot of cozy places to relax
  • A water playground for the children outside
  • Mermaid swimming classes for children


  • 25m sport’s pool that has six lines. Is located on the third floor
  • Clean and modern gym
  • Swimming lessons


  • Indoor and outdoor underwater massage beds
  • Finnish sauna and steam bath
  • Different kinds of massages and treatments
  • Ice pool
  • Panoramic jacuzzi

Open 2020:

  • Fun between 9-22 (pools will be closed at 21.45)
  • Spa sauna between 10-21.30
  • Spa treatments between 10-19

Prices 2020:

Fun (all day):

  • Adults 23,90€
  • Children 13 -15  years 16,80€
  • Children 4-12 years 13,40€
  • Family ticket (1-2 adults + max 5 children) adults 21,30€/person + children 10,30€/child

Fun (3h ticket)

  • Adults 18,90€
  • Children between 13-15 years 12,20€
  • Children between 4-12 years 10,30€
  • The fourth hour 2€ and from the 5 hour the whole day charge

Fun + Spa (whole day, over 16 years)

  • Adults 33,20€

Fun + Spa (3h ticket)

  • Adults 28,50€ / person
  • The fourth hour 2€ and from the whole day charge

Fun + Spa (evening ticket between 17 – 22)

  • Adults 21,50€


  • 4h / 1,70€
  • 8h / 2,70€
  • Under 12h / 5,50€
  • The whole day 15,00€
  • Paid at the cash desk before leaving


  • choose the right dressing area according the watchband (only FUN or FUN + SPA)
  • the dressing area has a small, separate “dressing room” that you lock and change your clothes.
  • the area where are the lockers are is both for women and men – so you don’t have to think how to arrange the dressing matter with your children so the whole family can be together.
  • take inside shoes and a towel to the pools
  • you don’t need money with you because everything will be paid while leaving
  • you can only go to the sauna area if you have the watchband for SPA + FUN (only FUN watchband has no enter to sauna area)

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