It’s beautiful there on the mountain

Gerlitzen is located next to Villach and it is 1900m above the sea level. From the top you will have a spectacular scenery over the lakes, far away to the mountains behind. Because the place has so much to offer both in winter and summer we decided to make two different parts; summer and winter.

The easiest way to get up is by the cable car. There are plenty of parking space in two different locations. You can check the parking place situation online from internet

Driving by car you have two options:

  1. Gerlitzen Alpine road starts from Bodensdorf (near Ossiacher sea) and it is 12km long. The road is quite narrow, has a stunning view and its parking place is located at 1800m above sea level. Gradient is 10-13%. Quite near the top there is a maut place. While arriving you will get a card from the barrier and when you drive down, you must pay the toll 8€. There is an automat where you can pay by cash or card.
  2. Gerlitzenstrasse starts from the village of  Treffen am Ossiachersee and it is 9km long. The toll is 8€  and it will be paid same way as mentioned above. The parking place is located 1500m above sea level. This is also a nice road but we recommend the option one, especially in the summer.


Mountain – kart drive: 

  • powered by gravity and a new wooden track to drive
  • children must be over 130cm
  • adults 1 ride 8,00€ / 3 rides 21,50€ or 6 rides 38,50€
  • children 1 ride 5,50€ / 3 rides 15,00€ or 6 rides 26,50€
  • open 20.6 – 8.9.2019 between 10 a.m – 4.35 p.m
  • bad weather may effect to the opening time

Electric mini mountain-kart drive:

  • children between 3 – 12 years
  • by coins 2,00€
  • lasts approximately 4 minutes
  • every day 30.5 – 1.10.2019


  • adults 10,00€
  • children 8,00€
  • open 20.6 – 28.9.2019 between 10 a.m – 4.35 p.m
  • bad weather may effect to the opening time

Summer Tubing: 

  • specially made sliding carpets
  • fun for the whole family
  • price 8,00€ / so many slides as you want
  • open 8.6 – 20.9.2019 between 10 a.m – 4.35 p.m
  • bad weather may effect to the opening time

Adventurepark Gerlitzen:

  • over 160 different stop to discover; tree steps, hanging bridges, climbing from 1m to 18m
  • from beginners to climbing professionals
  • minimum age 3 years
  • open 20.6 – 8.9.2019 between 10 a.m – 4.35 p.m


1. Gerlitzen panorama tour:

  • starts from the Gerlitzen Gipfelhaus –  “Stone tower”, a relict from WWII, where there is also an internet photo point – Pacheiner mountain guesthouse and the
    starting field for model airplanes.
  • lasts approximately 30 minutes

2. Gerlitzen summit– Pöllinger Hütte – Sonnenarena/ middle station:

  • the route will past the starting fields for paragliders and model flyers, over easily accessible hiking trails and meadows to the Pöllingerhütte guesthouse, where you have time to visit the mountain and alpine museum. Then continue downhill to the sun arena situated at the middle station of the cable car line (1,526m).
  • This route is particularly suitable for families with children and for beginners.
  • lasts approximately 1h

3. Gerlitzen summit – Stifterboden – Steinwenderhütte – Kammerhütte – Turnerhütte – Sonnenarena/ middle station:

  • the route starts from the Gerlitzen-Gipfelbahn chairlift (1,911m), takes you over a well-maintained hiking trail to Stifterboden, where you choose the rest of your hike: either take the slightly longer route via the Steinwenderhütte or the shortcut to the Kammerhütte mountain lodge. Via the Turnerhütte you get back to the sun arena/middle station (1,526m).
  • This is a family-friendly hike with many opportunities to rest and take refreshments along the well-secured hiking trails through the forest.
  • lasts approximately 1h via Kammer- or  Turnerhütten
  • lasts approximately 2h via Steinwenderhütten

4. Gerlitzen summit – Neugartenstüberl – Stifterboden – Sonnenarena / middle station:

  • starts from the Gerlitzen-Gipfelbahn chairlift (1,911m) this route takes you through lush meadows and well-maintained hiking trails to the Neugarten-Almseehütte guesthouse at an altitude of 1,700m. The route takes you back to the sun arena/middle station (1,526m) via Stifterboden.
  • lasts approximately 90 minutes

5. Gerlitzen summit – Feuerberg – Sepplhütte – Schönfeldsiedlung – Sonnenarena/ middle station

  • the route starts from the Gerlitzen-Gipfelbahn chairlift (1,911m) towards the Feuerberg (1,760m). From there, a comfortable hiking trail through the forest takes you back to the sun arena/middle station at 1,526m via the Schönfeld settlement. If you feel like taking a rest, we recommend a detour to the Sepplhütte guesthouse.
  • lasts approximately75 minutes via Schönfeldsiedlung
  • lasts approximately 105 minutes via Sepplhütte

6. “Kostale” hike

  • this is a round tour and can be started from various mountain lodges. The word Kostale is Carinthian dialect for an appetizer – regional specialities are offered at a special price).
  • lasts approximately 7h


  1. KB (Kanzelbahn) + GB (Gipfelbahn) x 4 ( ascents and descents)
  • adults 23,00€
  • children over 6 years 11,50
  • family ticket 57,50€

2. KB + GB x 3 ( KG ascent + descent and GB x 1)

  • adults 121,00€
  • children over 6 years 10,50€
  • family ticket 52,50€

3.  KB or/and  GB at guest option (incl. 2)

  • adults 18,50€
  • children over 6 years 9,50€
  • family ticket 46,50€

4. KB tai GB at guest option (incl. 1)

  • adults 15,50€
  • children over 6 years 8,00€
  • family ticket 39,00€


  1. Kanzelbahn – lift
  • every day 30. 5 – 13.10 between 8.15 – 17
  • operating hours may change due to bad weather

2. Gipfelbahn – lift

  • every day 30.5 – 13.10 between 8.25 – 16.45
  • operating hours may change due to bad weather


  • it can be cold up there so take suitable clothes
  • have cash with you
  • bad weather may effect for the opening times
  • dogs allowed

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