Enjoy at the same time both the highest waterfall in Carinthia and have a nice day at the children’s water adventure park.

Fallbachfall – the highest waterfall in Carinthia is located in Maltatal and its water cascades down 200m from the top. There is a possibility to walk to the top and it takes approximately an hour. It is worth to climb because from the lookout bridge you will see gorgeous scenery and in the background you will hear the huge roar of the water.

For experienced climbers this place offers one of the most awesome vertical granite wall in Carinthia. The highest point is 908m and the degree of difficulty is D-E.


Next to the waterfall you will find a water adventure park for the whole family and of course the theme is water. The park has 10.000m2 and there is lot of fun to do. If you get hungry you can barbecue and then back to the new adventure.

The park is open from May to the end of September every day 9 a.m – 6 p.m


From the middle of June until then beginning of September there will be a kiosk where you can by ice cream, drinks and small snacks.

For the barbecue you can buy a bag of charcoal, fire-making toll and tolls for eating.

Pets are not allowed at the park but you can walk with them around the waterfall area.


    • Adults 6,00€
    • Children over 3 years 5,00€
    • Children under 3 years for free













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