Rolls-Royce glamor

This museum has the finest Rolls-Royce collection worldwide. You can find over 200 items and eight cars on a rotating system. The exhibition is supported by digital and multimedia.

The museum has a workshop where the experts will answer your questions.

Open 2019:

  • July and August everyday
  • Holidays always open
  • September to June closed on Mondays
  • closed 7-31.1, 18-28.2 and 2-25.2


  • adults 6€/ person
  • children (6-14y) 3€/ person
  • disabled visitors 4€ / person
  • seniors 5€ / person


  • Dogs allowed
  • taking photos allowed, no extra charges
  • There are parking places in front of the museum and and near a city park costing 1€/h
  • There will be opened another museum in Switzerland that has 5000m2 exhibition space, 140 cars and also aircraft.

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