The traveling treasures of Austria

Many of us have been skiing or hiking at the Alps of Austria but only few of us know that there are countless amount of other traveling treasures hidden in the caches. We want to show you all these places among the traditional ones. Visit the amazing water falls, dive into the underground world with your children to experience the miner’s life or have a whole week’s party for cherry harvest with the local people of the village. Or do you want to enjoy the mineral baths in a warm fountain? Perhaps you love old castles, want to taste beer in an old brewery or drive with an old museum train? And these were just a few examples of the things that you can do in the amazing landscape of the Austria.

This web page will you bring those places easily on your fingertips. We will advise the location, entrance fee, opening hours and all other important details. There will be no more difficult searching from web pages in German language.